Hyolmo Foundation is a social organization dedicated for the overall development of Hyolmo indigenous people.

Mission, Vision and Goal

The mission of the Hyolmo Foundation is to create a sense of feeling pride while identifying oneself as a distinct member of Hyolmo indigenous community.

The vision of the Foundation is to see an educated, aware and strong Hyolmo community having their own preserved, rich and unique language, culture and tradition as well as other aspects of their community; and always ready to feel and take an obligation for the preservation, promotion and enhancement of the mentioned heritage of the community readily.

The goal of the Hyolmo Foundation is to enable the Foundation as a leading professional and academic social institution, specially having the active involvement of Hyolmo intellectuals and would be recognized an efficient Hyolmo organization which is having a cordial networking with the philanthropic individuals. and institutions who are ready for the perpetual support unless the community becomes more or less efficient and active.


The strategy of Hyolmo Foundation is to motivate Hyolmo indigenous people living in and away from Hyolmo to give priorities to and keep with their language, traditions and culture which would in turn safeguard their own identity and pride.

Education is precondition for the development of any community and is still merely a dream for most Hyolmo children. Therefore, the Foundation seeks in finding possible help of any form that any individuals or groups could provide to these unfortunate children to attend school and become a worthy and valued member of the community in future.

The ultimate target of Hyolmo Foundation is to establish an community school where classes on Hyolmo language, culture, arts and other aspects could be conducted in addition to the general subjects, which ultimately create a sense of Hyolmoness and start feeling pride being a Hyolmo indigenous people.